How to treat the elderly in their final years of life

The last years of life are crucial in the life of any person, because it is a very fragile stage with multiple needs that must be covered in residencia de ancianos publica en sant boi. It is precisely this that makes it essential for loved ones to plan for the care they need to be aware of so that everything is harmonious and so that different types of problems do not arise.

The third age is a stage in which special care must be taken, since the body is extremely fragile in the face of the various diseases that can be suffered. Precisely, going to the doctor for any kind of ailment may be advisable, since even though the pathology is not serious, it can be complicated from one moment to the next.

Respect for the elderly

Respect is essential for a delicate stage of life, as the elderly are often more fragile in different life situations. In this way, they are prevented from suffering from depression or stress due to different types of overwhelming circumstances.

Dialogue is another of the cultural tools available to their caregivers, so that everything is absolutely harmonious. The Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SemFYC) reports that in all social classes there is mistreatment of the elderly, where in more than 50% of cases, the mistreaters are the direct relatives.

Abuse is not only physical, but also economic and psychological; however, the most common is negligent abuse. Certainly, accidents often occur due to a lack of attention to basic care.

Basic tips for living with older adults

Some of the recommendations that should be taken into account are the following:

  • Integrate it into the family. It is never healthy to remove the elderly from the family, as they need to be integrated at all times, to avoid the loneliness and depression that this entails.

  • Take care of your hygiene. Care for personal hygiene is absolutely essential, so it is definitely necessary to take appropriate measures in this regard.

  • Encourage their independence. It is important that the elderly feel useful, so ideally they should be able to do as many tasks independently as possible.

  • Healthy and complete nutrition. The food is substantial for the health care of the elderly, therefore, it should be balanced and above all healthy.

  • Strengthen your overall well-being. Well-being is essential for their health in their final stage of life.

If the above advice is taken into account, older adults will be able to enjoy a full and healthy life.

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