How to set up your vertical garden

The manifestation of vegetation together with architecture gives rise to a new concept that integrates the theme of gardening within an urban environment, both indoors and outdoors, delivering not only aesthetics, but also environmental benefits and benefits for people who live near a vertical garden.

Used in any structure, they can give your home a modern, eco-friendly touch, but how do you make and decorate a vertical garden? Well, here you will find a series of tips on how to do it, so that your vertical garden dazzles and surprises all visitors to this eco-architectural work. If you want to go deeper, see some courses at cursos formativos verdtical.

Choose your plants well

You must take into account the characteristics that these plants have, for example if they need to be pruned, you must put them in an accessible area, in addition to this you must consider plants that grow to the height you have available and that do not require much depth to bury their roots.

Organize them

If you want the plants you plant in your vertical garden to grow correctly to show more color, you should consider that when planted vertically, plants that are located higher up will receive more sun, and their shade may deny the amount of sun needed to the plants that are located lower down.

The solution to this is to place the plants that need more shade during the day at the bottom of the vertical garden, and the plants that require more sunlight at the top, so your plants will grow healthy and radiant.

Resistant materials

Since vertical gardening depends primarily on a solid foundation, you can’t rely on materials that won’t withstand the weight of the plants you put on them. So always make sure you use the right material, which can support the pots, or any other system you decide to use, in addition to this, avoid planting the plants before building the structure, should always be the other way around.

The system you will use

For vertical gardens, there are several systems that adapt to the needs and available resources of each person, each one has an aesthetic sense depending on where it is located, this is where your creativity comes in. Among these systems you can use:

  • Bag system: This system consists of using a material with small openings so that the soil is oxygenated; hanging bags are made where the plants are sown.

  • Hanging pots: These are pots attached to some solid structure such as wood, so that the plants are suspended one on top of the other.

  • Ladder system: In this system, a staggered wooden structure can be used, or directly a ladder to place the pots or other containers where the plants are located.

Vertical gardens are a new way to decorate your home, save space, and if you also use recycled materials, you are contributing double to the preservation of the environment, and if you already have one, these tips will help you decorate it in the best way.

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