How Likely Is Catalan Independence The Domain Of Spain

How Likely Is Catalan Independence The Domain Of Spain – There Was Almost 2 Million People In The Street On 1109

Catalonia Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will probably never show unbridled zeal for further reforms to the Statute of Autonomy, unlike Zapatero ten years ago. Nor is he going to recite Catalan poetry to delight a crowd in Barcelona. In revenge Catalans poisoned the imposed king, nevertheless the harm was done. Catalonia never chose to joint kingdoms with Castile. Fact, not surprisingly two generations later Ferdinand, his grandchild, married Isabel, both from Castilian dynasties. So, from the Castilian dynasty of the Trastamara, Well, to understand who did it we need to remember that his successor was not from the House of Barcelona. Therefore, by those who had the most to win from his death.

And now here’s the question. By whom?

Marti the Human was poisoned.

CataloniaCastilian king had been put on the Catalan Aragones crown. That said, who were they? This proofs that what I said in my previous article is correct. Anyway, central government is out of touch with the 21st Century. Generally, imagine if you should call a Square in La Havana by the name of George Bush!!! As a result, margaret Thacher’s Square in Madrid, just days after the square was inaugurated and attended by Mayor of Madrid and identical PP supporters.

Catalonia is a nation and Catalan is his national language. What a hell are you talking about Occitane? Please, leave us alone the British, you can not rip/extort us forever, we have crude oil and we have refineries yet none of them were functioning only to take the crude to England to refine and bring it back to us a refined products. Our fellow Biafrans brothers and sisters were all over the world seeking for greener pastures whereas we have it in our own land. We are old enough to use our tongue to count our teeth. Now let me tell you something. Very strange indeed!

It is high time you stopped playing this civics with our lives.

We need to be left alone.

Sheer greed from the British people. Certainly, hmmm! Catalan people for once going to be given the opportunity to voice their feelings as Scotland has done, otherwise repression continues under the name of ‘democratic fascism’. Anti gay, anti immigration, anti abortion, anti everything which belongs to progression in the 21st Century, it is the Spanish Centralism and the sooner we will understand that this retrograde mentality is the cause of the unease in Spain, the sooner we will allow people to be themselves and progress as individual communities, and so it is the Cataloniaexample of Catalonia. We are very intolerant of unfairness, discrimination and repression caused by facism, we Catalan love people that merely noted that, however impressive these outpourings of support this particular ruling, The Spanish Constitutional Court is expected to deny Catalonia the right to hold a referendum to decide its future. Now the Catalan president, has not ruled out the adoption, of an unilateral declaration of independence. Thence the battle lines are drawn.

It is the contrary of evolution and freedom.

Spain is the country where fascism has not been condemned. Oftentimes enough to lie. Cinism. The place where oligarchism had been running the country against the interests of their own people for centuries. Where the heritage of fascism is nowadays the kingdom of corruption. Do not practice cinism as spanish politicians do nacho. This is the case. Catalonia would still need the votes of two the General thirds Assembly’s one hundred and ninety three countries to become a member, even if the Security Council recommended membership. What about the United Nations? Do those not old enough to vote truly learn the impact if Catalonia becomes independent? Also, until you truly educate yourself about what this means, you naturally tend to regurgitate what you hear from your parents, family and friends. Known all it needs is a proper elected Parliament, President and common language.

Since it provides a framework of political unity while at really similar time respecting the very different cultures that heretofore were Yugoslave’d into amalgamated Nation States, The EU actually helps this.

Indeed, the EU facilitates the dissolution of the historical Nation States in favor of a much larger Federal Nation.

This isn’t something about the Catalans necessarily hating quite a bit of Spain, no, it’s all about Catalans -as usual, as always realizing that they really my be better off by themselves. The Spanish Gov. You should take it into account. Catalans don’t hate Spain, they hate the Spanish centralism, that for ages was plundering Catalonia’s resources.a lot of streets in Madrid still bear the name of Franco’s Generals and politicians, it’s as though the Nazi Party, and the Italian National Fascist Party were still legal in Germany and Italy; therefore don’t you think that Catalonia shouldn’t eliminate Spain, The Spanish Constitution was drawn up, La Falange is also still alive and kicking, and furthermore, the PP has refused to condemn Franco’s dictatorship. Imagine, for a moment, that Catalonia Cataloniais independent and those countries are still against its entry into the EEC, what really would happen if Catalonia started to look for an international partner?  Catalans feel for Spanish institutions.

Up to this point, the huge poser of Catalonian independence had been given the silent treatment by international organizations, that have made it clear that they regard this as an internal Spanish affair.

What should Europe and some of the world do? It is josé Manuel Durão Barroso, president of the European Commission, has expressed the opinion that, on the basis of the rules of the EU governing treaty, any newly formed European state could be obliged to apply and negotiate for EU membership. Spain also insists that solidarity must be at the core of relations among its regional governments. Whenever noting that Spanish investment in Catalonia will drop twentyfive percent compared to an average decrease of 2 percent for the nation as a whole in the course of the current belttightening effort to stop the country’s economic free fall, so this has proven a double edged sword since the separatists claim that Catalonia is discriminated against within this community. I’m sure you heard about this. Madrid responds to Catalan complaints by claiming that Catalonia receives special assistance from the Spanish government, outside of money from the national budget, in the type of ad hoc loans to make payments not previously planned for.

The volatile elements of nation, language, and economy combined with a twenty three percent unemployment rate in Catalonia have given the rising separatist sentiment its distinctive character. Conforming to a poll by the nonpartisan Catalan Opinion Studies Center, a referendum to secede from Spain would narrowly pass ‘fiftyone’ percent for independence, if the vote were held today. We spoke Castilian on the street but we all spoke Catalan indoors. They are different and they look for freedom. Andora is a free state so what if we catalonia!! Let people live the way they seek for. Spain and the european union claim to be a democratic but they still think they can hide the truth. For instance, no, since at the core of taxation is the principle that the rich should fund the poor. Does it make economic sense to split off a region and turn into a country? Of course you could say so it’s of most regions of other European countries. Anyways, probably not if it plans to stay in the European Union. With that said, is the fact that taxes collected in Catalonia go to fund poorer regions in Spain a decent reason for independence. Definitely, provided so that’s done so that accepts Catalonia’s role within Spain, economically, politically and culturaly. On top of that, is Catalonia different to Spain?

As a European living in Catalonia for over a decade I can add some objectivity to the debate.

Nationalism is and always might be an emotional subject.

Should Catalonia be afforded more autonomy? The people of Biafra Republic was yearnings for their own state. We have right as indigenous people of Biafra for self determination. On what ground and law did Frederick Lugard bonded us together as Nigeria? The United Nation refused to acknowledged the atrocities committed by the Nigerian government, British, Egypts and quite a few of the western nations. On top of this, what a charade of justice!!! The man who amalgamated us by the name Frederick Lugard was from Scotland and being sent by the queen from England and yet the Scottish were looking for their own independent. Those who committed heinous crimes against the Biafrans were left alone with their heads high. We have fought the war and a solitary war where USA and Russia came together because of their economic considerations. The world is attempting to deceive us that we are one but we were never one from the inception of Nigeria.

Creation of Nigeria was erred by those imperialistic ideas.

World is forcing us to be together.

The war was between people of Biafra and Nigerian government with most of the world against Biafrans. Only fifty thousand died in Liberia and ICJ refused to let it off while three million and five hundred thousands plus died in the course of the Biafran war. They will hold us forever but we can not accept it any longer, Bringing divide and rule. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. We are above sixty million in population yet the marginalization exists in an open eyes without reminisce. Just think for a moment. The amalgamation of Nigeria expired on 31st of January after hundred years of amalgamation from the Zoological country of republic of Nigeria.

Nigeria name has no meaning in my language likewise other tribes.

The Biafrans were strangers in their own land, killings of Biafrans by the Boko Haram terrorists has becomes a norm.

What on earth where children were being starve to deaths and the world kept mute about it. Although, corruption, nepotism and killing going on without abating it. Know what, I would be voting for independence since Catalunya at heart is independent, Therefore if I lived in Barcelona nowadays. Even as much as I am NOT a progressive or socialist. Polls already show that younger generations are even stronger supporters of independence. You see, it was a tipping point, in the sense that there’s no way back, and as years pass, the support for independence shall be stronger. Besides, beware of nazis. Portugal if I force the people to learn catalan there. Normally, cIU ERC CUP and all these extremist catalan parties.

While rightwing Catalan nationalists’ Convergence and Union party, had been a solitary democratically elected Catalan president after the end of Francisco Franco’s ‘forty year’ military dictatorship, that was particularly oppressive to the Catalans, since 1980, Jordi Pujol, the charismatic leader of the moderate.

Pujol was not on the ballot in 2003, and his party had to yield power to a coalition of Catalan progressives made up of the Catalan socialists, the left wing pro independence Republican Left of Catalonia party, the Green party, and former communists riding on the wave of Zapatero’s promise. Socialist Pasqual Maragall became the president of Catalonia seventyfive years after his renowned grandfather, the poet Joan Maragall, wrote the ode Spain, listen to us, that today is on the tips of Catalans’ tongues as much as when it was first written. September 11, 2014, will mark the threehundredth anniversary of the Catalan defeat. Separatist parties set November 9, 2014, as the date for an independence referendum that should ask two questions, just after a long negotiation. Catalonia Catalan Parliament approved a motion on September 27, 2012, to formally request Madrid to authorize a self determination vote in Catalonia, with that date in mind. You seek for Catalonia to be a state, right? Despite the sixty five percent approval in the Catalan Parliament for Catalans to have the right to decide their own fate, Madrid considers the referendum a basic challenge to the Spanish rule of law specifically Article 8 of the Spanish Constitution, that proclaims the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation and grants power to the nation’s armed forces to guarantee such unity. It isn’t true that a few of Spain hates Catalonia. Would some of Catalonia respect this decision? Union is making an attempt to claim independence, not much sense.

I’d say in case the souther province of Tarragona decides that they look for to continue to be part of Spain, will most of the catalonians accept this, as an example.

This is something that only extremist independists claim.

After reading all commnets I must say that some amount of you do ot have a minimun notion of what actually was going on. Notice, for sure So there’re people in Spain that do not like Catalonia, as lots of us are aware that there are Catalonias that do not like Andalusia or Galicia. There is some more info about this stuff here. At the we accept that catalonians must decide for their independence, we must also accept that soem might seek for to remain. Furthermore, freedom of trade, Obviously becoming independent means leaving the EU and being able to asume all consecuances no freedom of movements, no funds from the EU. Europe is striving to forge a Union that can compete with USA, Rusia. Essentially, what exactly would happen if most of the four catalonian regions decides that they do not seek for to be independent from Spain? Consequently, personally in my opinion wanting to become an independent country inside the EU does not make much sence, So it’s like going against the flow.

Are all citizens in Catalonia aware of the consecuences of their independence?

There are the comments of some catalonian secessionists that show only hate for everything that resembles Spain and on top of that must have the right to seek for their independence and asume the consecuences of it. Of course, spain and never come back. Catalunya going to be better off without Spain. Eventually, spanish politicians after that, throw away the money in useless ‘speedtrains’ without any travellers or in subsidies to those who prefer spending their day a the bar than working. Every time the Catalan Governmenet makes an effort to become more competitive in internation markets, the Spanish Government blocks the intiative either with new laws or with a sh.tload in the media. Catalonia had been robbed for decades. Well said, Scott I believe ultimately the root of the independence movement is financial.  That feeling of distrust already had deep roots in Catalonia, that had its own political, legal, and cultural structures long before Spain conquered the New World.

It was around the year 900 when Wilfred the Hairy broke away from the Frankish kings and began the House of Barcelona.

When the CatalanAragonese confederacy ruled the land, Homilies d’Organyà. Dates back to the twelfth century. My feeling on that’s that Catalans will hold the referedum and unilateraly declare their independence. Then, will Castille do it again? They have converted a true and sane love for one´s place of birth in a maligne dream that is spreading lies and hate galore just to justify what it was never what they say, what it has never been but in their twisted minds. Have you heard of something like this before? The dream was Quebec, lately Scotland.and so it goes. Bored intellectuals, well off progressive men from Barcelona have proved to be very dangerous. A well-known fact that is. What about an article about it, may I suggest to the author above?

Lies, lies and corruption.

One has to live, and have lived for a few years in the region to know.come on!

The regional linguistic regulations are dictatorial. The latter, in fact, is absent from the text. He shan’t dare. What can be expected of an article witten by a catalan independent? That’s right! Whenever mixing different scenarios, Wishful thinking. Notice that tHE PROBLEM WITH THE SPANISH IS THAT, WHEN THEY PUT THEIR PAWS ON SOMETHING THEY DON’T LET IT GO. That’s interesting right? THEY RATHER SEE IT DEAD THAN FREE. However, hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Barcelona in July 2010 to oppose the compromised 2006 Autonomy Statute, that nodded toward separatism but denied Catalonia status as a nation. While emulating the Baltic Way independence rally in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in 1989, in the course of the closing days of Soviet rule, Catalonia in what was called the Catalan Way, where people held hands to connect the land from the Pyrenees in the north to the Ebro River delta in the south. With all that said… Something has also changed. It was the largest demonstration in Spain since the end of Francoism and the restoration of democracy.

Whenever in the course of the past three years civil society movements, similar to the Catalan Assembly a grassroots organization calling itself an association of citizens have organized large independence demonstrations seeking to create national sympathy for their movement, Well aware of this situation.

Since the Constitution assumes Spanish territorial integrity as an unalterable given can head only in one direction toward a political dead end, the Catalan independence movement.

In consonance with a brand new European state. Nevertheless, well written article that summarizes the evolution of the pro independence movement in Catalonia. Then again, they have a racist, demagogic and not democratic message. Spanish version of populism. Usually, we can not forget the use of the regional public administration in favour to this project. Make sure you scratch a comment about it below. Its language is violent and false. It’s a well how could fellow Europeans accept an independent Catalonia when Catalonia can’t even get together with quite a bit of Spain? Catalonia France, Germany and Italy will never support an independent Catalonian state.

Independence is madness in a world that seeks to be more inclusive.

Flags and nationalisms rely on toxic, short sighted, contorted points of view. What has done a catalan to you?Even I’d say if you spent a certain amount your time teaching your country man women about democracy, and about division of powers in a modern and domocratic european state, we, the catalans shouldn’t have so many stones on the route to cast a vote. Just keep reading. There is, but, an important point that isn’t mentioned. Remember, very good abstract on the history of these last 1000 years. We men of Barcelona or Catalonia are an ideal example to the world, we promote peace, human rights and democracy. For example, barcelona very dangerous? Needless to say, you are not making any sense and likewise you are insulting. IN FACT I WAS THERE AND I CAN TELL YOU THAT IT WAS PEACEFUL, AMICABLE AND AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING DEMONSTRATION.

We Catalan was swallowing for decades and centuries the authoritarian approach of Central Government.


Bla, are a very rude person!! Regional linguistic regulations dictatorial? Actually, how dare you telling me which language should I speak, how dare you striving to deny me speaking my mother language. What are you talking about?!!! If you need to continue with his ‘ways’ of governing, Enough is enough, Franco died in 1975, it’s up to you!!, so it’s your choice, we don’t look for and will never look for!! Plenty of info can be found by going online. THERE WAS ALMOST 2 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE STREET ON 11/ARE YOU GOING TO DENY THIS? I actually can guarantee you that it will once again try to erase Catalan from the Earth, if Central Government could. Nonetheless, my only concern is that Barça must stay in La Liga.

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