How can psychological care help you?

It is important to note that there are various forms of psychological care, as well as modalities of care, for example, a personal psychological therapy is not the same as a couple or family therapy, however, the intention will always be to find the strategies that best fit a considerable improvement in the person’s behavior and that at the same time this generates a welfare in their emotional life and of course psychological.

In this post we will see what are the intentions, steps and what you should do in a psychological therapy (psiquiatras, as we mentioned there are different approaches of attention such as psychoanalysis, behaviorism, cognitive and humanism, let’s see what each one of them consists of and what we should expect from our session with the psychologist.

What are the approaches in psychology?

As mentioned, there are many forms of therapy, including the following:

  • Psychoanalysis: where the father of this approach is the renowned Sigmund Freud and endorses an importance in the unconscious of the patient to determine which are the defense mechanisms that it presents and at the same time makes impossible the real perception of life and stressful situation.

  • Humanism: more oriented to the emotional improvement of the person starting from the direct focus of the individual in his current situation, seeing himself as a person, as an entity generated by solutions and at the same time with positivism.

  • Behaviors: In this therapy the psychologist is concerned with modifying the behaviors that are unwanted by the patient, such as anxiety, depression, anger, melancholy, stress, among others. By means of positive or negative reinforcement techniques the general stimulus is a more acceptable response in the individual.

  • Cognitive: in this approach the psychologist tries to make the subject see that his way of perceiving the world, his life and others is as real as he allows it to be, so when there are erroneous thoughts we try to replace them with other more real and valid thoughts.

What happens in psychological therapy?

The first thing we can notice is an interview where trust is generated between the therapist and the patient, without this mutual respect and trust we cannot continue with the approach, this is what the rapport psychologists call it.

The next step in the interview will be to explain the reason for the consultation, often the patient does not know what he or she has gone to for the psychologist, it will be the job of the specialist to analyze different contexts of the subject’s life and self-perception to begin with a more in-depth evaluation.

The evaluation is carried out by means of tests or psychological instruments that help to have a more objective and scientific vision of the case presented inside the office, in case the approach is clinical.

Next, the expert’s impression of our situation as a person is diagnosed and an intervention plan begins with a series of strategies and techniques to be able to improve in any conflict we may have with certain situations or behaviours.

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